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Treat em rough, get the muff.

Bitch Haters Unite
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We hate bitchs. We hate what they bitch about. Here is the place to lay waste to every bitch wo has ever done you wrong. Tell your stories, tell embarrasing stories, post pictures of what ever you want as revenge. Feel free to tell us how you feel.

A man is only as faithfull as his options.-Chris Rock

Women might be able to fake oragasms. But men can fake whole relationships.-Sharon Stone

Cheating is what a relationship is all about.-J.M.F.W.

Its not wrong untill it happens to you.-J.M.F.W. on cheating.

I intended to saw a bitchs head off.-Crackhead from Flint MI.

You can get married. But if you get married twice it is your fault.-J.M.F.W.

People dont fall in love with other people. They fall in love with love. Because love is perfect, it is a perfect running machine. Nothing can stop. People fall in love with an idea, a concept.-J.M.F.W.

Hungry? Feast on this.-Dirk Diggler

P to a U to a SSY. We get pussy and we don't even try. day or night we're here to excite. And we're going to fuck your girl tonight.-RCC

Driving drunk is as safe as getting your dick sucked.-Clint Maxwell
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